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Yearly Family Law Archives: 2015

Research shows that family courts are fair to fathers

New research from the Universities of Warwick and Reading suggests that the family courts are not biased against fathers after all. The study, which reviewed 200 child arrangement… Read More

Changing a child's surname in the family law courts

You only need to walk through the Central Family Court waiting room to hear disgruntled parents getting angry with their legal team regarding an intention to change the child’s surn… Read More

Enforcing family financial orders

In March 2015 the Law Commission published a consultation paper entitled: 'Enforcement of Family Financial Orders'. Here is an in-depth look at its aims and recommendations.… Read More

SafeLives says people live with domestic abuse for too long

National domestic abuse charity SafeLives has published some troubling research into the time taken for domestic violence v… Read More

Family courts to give children more of a voice, Justice Minister tells the FJYPB

Children will be given a louder voice in the family courts as Justice Minister Simon Hughes announces plans for change. The Liberal Democrat MP, addressing the Family Justice Young People… Read More

Singapore woman refused ‘upkeep’ compensation for IVF mix-up

A woman in Singapore, who gave birth to a child that was not biologically her husband’s, has been Read More

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children opens counselling services

The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) has stepped up its stellar work to offer counselling to vulnerab… Read More