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Vardags has unrivalled expertise in the area of ​​judicial dissolution of cross-border marriages and typically works on cases involving jurisdictional disputes and international assets. We will help you to ensure that the case is considered in the court of the state where your position is stronger. Another area of ​​our competence is the valuation and tracking of international assets.

If you are in an international relationship, the jurisdiction in which your divorce proceeds could make a huge difference to the final outcome. London, as the divorce capital of the world, is known for making generous awards to the financially weaker parties, and the court has a wide discretion in what it awards. The jurisdiction in which you are entitled to divorce rests on a mixture of European and national law, but is generally determined in relation to where each party is habitually resident or domiciled. If the dispute is between two European countries, the person who petitions first may be determinative. It is therefore vital to take legal advice promptly. Very often, a British person living abroad is able to access the English justice system, without necessarily being in the country at the time.

Proceedings can also be initiated if one party wants to move to another country with the children, given that the permission of the other parent, or the court, is required. If you are caught in this situation, then you may need to seek legal advice. Family law issues are often sensitive and can be difficult to address with your lawyer. At Vardags, we understand the need to express yourself freely and that it is often easier to discuss your private matters in your mother tongue.

Vardags services extend well beyond divorce and family law, and encompass reputation and privacy, property, corporate, criminal defence, commercial and civil litigation, employment, and professional negligence.

To learn more about the differences between divorcing in Germany compared to England & Wales, read our guide here.

Vardags in the German press

Vardags frequently feature in the German press. Founder and President, Ayesha Vardag, has been quoted and profiled by various German newspapers:


We offer a free consultation to suitable clients, typically those where the family's net assets are in excess of £1m or the combined income is in excess of £150,000

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Ayesha Vardag Founder & President Divorce & Family

Ayesha Vardag

Founder & President
Globally reputed as “Britain’s top divorce lawyer”, Ayesha Vardag has received significant coverage in the German press, with profile pieces...
David Lister

David Lister

Senior Partner - Divorce & Family
David is a Senior Partner at Vardags. With over 35 years of experience at the forefront of the profession, David’s practice comprises a wide ambit of family law...
Simon McKirgan Senior Partner Divorce Lawyer Vardags

Simon McKirgan

Senior Partner - Divorce & Family
Simon McKirgan is Senior Director at Vardags and a top international divorce lawyer, with experience in representing individuals or their spouses/partners from commercial,...
Ellie Hagan

Ellie Hagan

Ellie is an Associate at Vardags, specialising across the full range of matters in family and divorce, including those with an international element. She advises, in...

Related FAQS

During the process of divorce, one of the elements is the exchange of information relating to finances, known as disclosure. This is done in order to determine what a fair division of the assets will be. However, there are instances where one or both of the parties conceal or misrepresent deliberately the value of their assets. Should it be the case that certain assets are not included during disclosure, it cannot be divided, even if it’s the case that it is later discovered it is likely already be disposed of. These kinds of assets are known as hidden assets and should either party be discovered to be hiding assets, the court will take serious action against them. 

In many countries, a couple can divorce with little or no financial support being given to the poorer party. Sometimes, you might not even know about the divorce until it has already been finalised. That does not prevent you from seeking the support of the English courts.

If your ex opposes your plan to move abroad with your children, there are numerous strategies that can be deployed to overcome their opposition.While the court will be unable to stop you from relocating, it’s primary concern will be whether it is in your children’s best interests to do so, and whether there is an appropriate strategy in place for the children to maintain regular contact with the other parent.

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