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Ayesha Vardag features in Time Magazine


The 'diva of divorce' Ayesha Vardag profiled by BBC News

BBC News

'Homemaker' ex-wife of Laura Ashley boss wins a third of his £200m fortune after bitter divorce battle

The Telegraph

Latest law news


The pandemic has changed lawyers’ perception of AI

The legal sector has long been viewed as resistant to change. But, according to new research published this week, this may be about to change – and all because of Covid. On Monday, Luminance, a supplier of artificial intelligence platforms for the legal sector, released a report... Read More

Covid and the courts: Family cases down 13% compared to 2019

Figures released by the Ministry of Justice have highlighted the effect of Covid-19 on the family courts, with the total number of cases between April and June falling by 13% compared to the same period last year. This overall decrease has been driven by significant falls in a number of... Read More

Three reasons why women are more likely to divorce than men

Women are more likely to divorce than men: that is the finding of a 2015 study by the American Sociological Association and the conclusion that can be drawn from the most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics. In fact, this is a not a new phenomenon, with statistics having... Read More