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Ayesha Vardag on Ways to Change the World - Key Quotes

Ayesha Vardag, Founder and President of Vardags, was the latest guest to appear on Channel 4’s leading podcast Ways to Change the World, hosted by Krishnan Guru-Murthy. From Ayesha’s career and background, which has also been the... Read More

From afterschool clubs to play dates – the subtle ways some separated parents try to obstruct contact

Attempts to obstruct contact by one parent with the child(ren)’s other parent can take many forms – it is not always as explicit as simply refusing to allow a child to see another parent where their parents are separated. Instead,... Read More

Laurence Fox, Elon Musk and the threat of Twitter libel

Social media is not often a place of polite disagreement. Instead, constrained by character limits and emboldened by the onlooking crowds, the red mist descends and what began as a debate can quickly descend into something more vicious, personal... Read More