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Divorce lawyers for professionals

As a senior professional, your income and capital will be at risk during a divorce. The English courts view marriage as a partnership and will therefore look to share the capital built up during the course of the marriage. Earnings or inheritance from outside the marriage may also be used to meet your spouse’s needs, including ongoing maintenance.

Vardags for professionals

Vardags has been representing professionals in family law proceedings for over a decade, specialising in high value cases.  We have represented countless professionals, including senior solicitors, Queen’s Counsel, doctors and finance professionals.

We can advise you on how to protect your assets, including obtaining accurate valuations of future income, partnerships and pensions. We will assist you in realistically assessing your partner’s financial needs – and what they can contribute to their own outgoings.

With our experience of family law and top-notch commercial understanding, we will guide you towards a fair and cost-effective resolution of your case.

Our team for professionals

Vardags director Georgina Hamblin has represented a range of professionals, securing impressive results in relation to capital and maintenance claims.

Lois Rogers has likewise represented lawyers and other senior professionals, as well as writing articles on the treatment of bonuses in financial remedies cases.