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I am involved in a shareholder dispute

Shareholders are in essence the owners of a company, whilst the directors run the day to day management of the company. The Companies Acts of 1985 and 2006 provide shareholders with specific rights. A companys articles of association may confer additional rights to shareholders. It is important that you understand your rights as a shareholder particularly if you believe the directors or majority shareholders are acting to your detriment. Shareholder actions can take the form of unfair prejudice petitions, derivative actions and winding up petitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the company's affairs are being or have been conducted in a manner that is unfairly prejudicial to the interests of the shareholders then a shareholder may seek an order from the court requiring the company to refrain from doing the prejudicial act or provide for the purchase of the aggrieved shareholder’s shares amongst other remedies.Vardags can advise you on your rights as a shareholder, including whether a derivative action or winding up petition should be considered in the circumstances.

In certain circumstances, a shareholder in their own name or on behalf of the company can bring a claim against a director and/or third party for wrongs committed against the company.Vardags can advise you on your rights as a shareholder, including whether an unfair prejudice petition or winding up petition should be considered in the circumstances.

Under the Companies Act, shareholders are entitled to receive a number of company documents including the company’s annual accounts and director’s report within a set period of time.If you would like advice in relation to your right to access company documents in your capacity as shareholder, the time frames for the company to provide the same and the consequences of the company withholding this information, Vardags can assist.

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