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I’m involved in someone else’s divorce

If you are involved with a family member’s divorce, or your company has been drawn into an owner’s family litigation, it is vital that you get top representation as soon as you can.

The English family courts have a wide discretion to make orders against property, even when that property is held in the name of another person. Equally, the courts will often look at extracting cash from businesses owned by one of the parties.

If you have been joined to a divorce, it is possible that the court will look to make orders against property in your name. Vardags’ unique expertise can help you to prevent this.

As top family lawyers, we have over a decade of experience of big money divorce cases. We combine high quality legal advice with an unrivalled in-house financial forensic team. We will help you to engage with the divorce proceedings and defend your assets.

We offer a free consultation to qualifying individuals. Please call our confidential enquiry line on 020 7404 9390 or email us. Lines are staffed 24 hours.

How can Vardags help?

Under section 37 of the Matrimonial Causes Act, a transfer of property can be set aside if the court is satisfied that it was done to frustrate a matrimonial claim. If you have received property from a parent, it is possible that, on divorce, the other parent or step-parent might try to set it aside.

You are likely to be joined to proceedings and will want to assert that the transfer was legitimate and not an attempt to get around the law on divorce.

Our expertise in family law means that Vardags can help with this, focusing on setting out the history and context of the transaction to ensure that your property is protected.

If you are wrongly joined to proceedings, it may be possible to recover your costs.

Sometimes a wealthy parent can be joined to divorce proceedings, for example if they have a history of making large payments to their child, or if they are likely to be the one who meets the order.

If this happens to you, you will want to protect your wealth and minimise the amount you might have to pay to your child’s spouse. The involvement of third parties is very fact specific, but as experienced family lawyers, Vardags will help you minimise the cost of your involvement.

We will help you navigate proceedings in a cost-effective way. If possible, will we try to have you un-joined or else help with the appropriate disclosure and putting forward your case. We know that you will want to protect your, and your family’s, wealth and we will help you do this.

When an entrepreneur gets divorced, their spouse can sometimes try to get their company joined to proceedings. In doing so, they might be trying to extract cash from the business or dispute how it is owned and held. If you find yourself in this situation, you may well want to make representations to the court.

Vardags, with our corporate understanding and family law expertise, are well placed to advise you. Our in-house forensic accountancy team can help you produce realistic arguments about the value, ownership, and liquidity of the business, whilst understanding the aims and procedure of the family courts.

If your business is joined to family proceedings, we can liaise with you and corporate and family counsel to help you defend your interests. We know that you want to protect the future of your business – preserving liquid cash for future investment, for example – from being affected by an owner’s family proceedings.

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