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Divorce lawyers for celebrities

If you are in the public eye as a sportsperson, performer, or other celebrity, then you will likely want a rapid, fair and discrete divorce.

The English court has wide ranging powers to make orders sharing assets built up during the marriage and to make orders for ongoing maintenance to the financially weaker party. You will want to ensure that any settlement is fair, and takes into account how your financial position might change over time.

You may also want to protect yourself from adverse publicity surrounding your divorce. Though divorce hearings are held in private, many details can leak to the press, and some parties can use newspapers to try and influence proceedings and public opinion.

If your life has an international element, you may also need to consider where  the best country for your divorce to proceed in is. This will be dependent on where you are domiciled and where are habitually resident – and can make a huge difference to the financial settlement.

Vardags for celebrities

As leading divorce lawyers, Vardags are frequently instructed by celebrities. We understand how to help you through all aspects of your case. With our in house financial team, combining commercial understanding with legal brilliance, we can make sure your financial position is put forward in the best light and protected.

Vardags also have significant experience in managing the publicity which surrounds high profile divorce. Where this demands discretion, Vardags can advise on keeping matters private and work with leading media lawyers to control press speculation. Where a client wants a more open strategy, we are able to utilise our contacts in the world of PR and journalism to ensure your side of the story comes across.


Catherine Thomas

Vardags’ managing director, Catherine Thomas is widely referred to as one of the country’s top international family lawyers.  She has represented a number of celebrity clients, and has acted on high profile cases such as Chai v Khoo and Young v Young which received widespread press coverage. Catherine understands the specific sensitivities and needs of famous clients, both in the regard to settlement and publicity.

Vardags team

Sophie Cantillon has acted in several cases involving high-profile individuals and the interplay between family and privacy law, whilst Sarah Hogarth has also acted in celebrity cases.