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Divorce lawyers for heirs and heiresses

As the heir or heiress to a family fortune, you will understand the importance of protecting your wealth for future generations. Under English family law, non-matrimonial property such as inheritances or family trusts is not exempt on divorce. The court will be able to make orders against such property to meet your partners needs.

The outcome of your case will depend on your exact circumstances, but the court may well find that you have an obligation to maintain your spouse from your familys money. The court may also put pressure on family trusts to meet your spouses capital and income needs. As such, it is important that the court is presented an accurate valuation of your assets, including those locked up in complex trusts and investment structures.

If you lead an international lifestyle, there is a possibility that your divorce proceedings may be handled by courts in another country. Issues of jurisdiction can be complex and have a significant impact on your case, and as such it is vital that your divorce takes place in a court of law that ensures you the optimal outcome.

Specialists in divorce for heirs and heiresses

Vardags has extensive experience and an impressive track record representing heirs and heiresses in family law proceedings. We have worked with beneficiaries to family trusts and those set to inherit multi-million pound fortunes.

We have unrivalled experience in cross-jurisdictional cases, ensuring our clients cases go through the English courts. We have represented members of wealthy English and international families, helping them to preserve their assets in the face of the English courts wide-ranging ability to make financial awards.

Meanwhile, our bespoke approach allows our lawyers to focus on your desire to preserve your familys wealth for future generations. Working alongside our dedicated and meticulous financial forensics team, our lawyers will value your interest in family property appropriately, and accurately argue what you will, and will not receive.

We will help you demonstrate what your spouse realistically needs from a settlement and what they might be able to generate or contribute for themselves, and understand that you and your family want to avoid making payments to an ex-spouse. Placing you and your best interests at the forefront of our practice, we will help you find the best way to protect yourself and your family wealth.

Our team for heirs and heiresses

Working with highly skilled and experienced teams of lawyers and in-house experts, Vardags has firm directors who specialise in divorce for heirs and heiresses.

Vardags founder and President Ayesha Vardag has a phenomenal track record, including law-making victories, that demonstrates her absolute passion, skill, and media savvy. Specialising in complex, high profile cases, often with an international element, Ayesha has represented many members of prominent and wealthy families to resounding success. Her determination and dedication to her clients has led to her being regularly dubbed Britains top divorce lawyer.

Senior director Georgina Hamblin has experience representing heirs and heiresses in cases that cement her position as a member of the legal elite. Committed to and clever with her cases, Georginas expertise lies in matters involving family trusts and wealth acquired prior to marriage. Her talent combined with an approach attuned to the stresses of divorce is reflected in the emphatic praise of her clients.

Senior Forensic Accountant Katharine Anderson is an expert in dealing with complex financial cases, ensuring that assets are valued appropriately to allow the best possible settlement result for our clients. Working with our lawyers, Katherines findings have been transformative in financially complex cases, and invaluable when it comes to winning the best possible settlement for our clients.

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