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Divorce lawyers for footballers & sportspeople

Getting divorced, or going through child maintenance proceedings, can impact your finances and your reputation.

The English courts view marriage as a partnership and are likely to share the assets built up during the marriage. You will want to make clear to the court the accurate value of your assets as well as consider how the court might structure a division.

As a high earning professional, you will need to protect your assets and your income from your spouses claims. Given the early retirement date many sportspeople face, you will need to find a solution which protects your long term financial interests. You will want to protect the income you receive off the field, including sponsorship and media earnings.

Protecting your image, whether that means getting your story out there or keeping things private, is also of the utmost importance. Though many aspects of divorce will be heard behind closed doors, some details can be shared with the press. You will want to ensure that your reputation and marketability is left intact.

Specialists for footballers and other sports people

Top divorce lawyer Vardags has acted in numerous cases involving famous and wealthy sportspeople. We have worked with footballers, polo-players and other athletes, as well as managers and coaches.

We understand the specific challenges which exist for highly paid sports stars, including the trajectory of their earnings and the uncertainties of their retirements. We have worked on cases involving valuations of image rights and sponsorship contracts, as well those with long term contract incentives. We understand how to get the most accurate, most helpful valuations and to put your case across in the best possible light.

Our in-house media team has the expertise needed to protect and preserve your reputation. If you wish to work with the press, we can use our established networks to help you manage publicity. Where necessary our experience in media and privacy lawyers means that we can help you obtain injunctions and take all steps to preserve your reputation. As pioneers of family arbitration we can also advise you on private ways to manage and resolve your case.

Our team for footballers & sportspeople

Working with highly skilled and experienced teams, Vardags has firm directors who specialise in divorce for footballers and sportspeople.

Simon McKirgan has over 15 years experience in family law and has represented numerous high-earning sports men and women. Advising sports stars in relation to divorce and children proceedings, Simon has helped numerous famous names preserve their wealth and their reputation, a keen awareness of the sensitivities around high-profile cases informing his practice.

Head of our Reputation & Privacy department Alex McCready is an expert in handling media attention. Skilled in dealing with online threats to reputation via websites, blogs, and social media, she is also highly competent in handling post-publication issues, securing apologies to her clients from national newspapers.




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