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Ways to fund your case

At Vardags, we understand that it can be difficult to fund your legal case if your opponent has all the money. We passionately believe that you should have equality of arms and a fighting chance of getting your fair share.

We will always try to find a solution for someone who needs our help to get a big settlement but might not be able to afford the fees right now.

We have very good relationship with a range of litigation lenders, who can provide you with the funds to fight your case with a loan you pay back out of your final settlement. Such loans do not necessarily require security from you.

In divorce and family law cases where lending is not available, we may be able to apply to the court to force your spouse to pay your fees. Vardags regularly obtain such awards for their clients and have achieved some of the biggest legal services provision orders the courts have ever made. For example, it has been widely reported in the press that we secured £60,000 per month of legal funding (plus £50,000 of interim maintenance) for our client Pauline Chai.

If relevant we will discuss these funding options with you at your initial consultation.

Free consultation for qualifying individuals: call 020 7458 4356 or email us.

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