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Domestic Abuse

Top London Domestic Abuse Lawyers 

At Vardags, our specialist team of domestic abuse lawyers can help clients who are experiencing domestic abuse in their relationship and that need our assistance and protection. We recognise that domestic abuse can affect people from all walks of life, including incredibly successful individuals with high-flying careers, but that behind closed doors they can be suffering the most horrendous situations that are going unnoticed. 

Clients that have controlling, abusive or narcissistic partners are given the guidance and representation that they need not only to protect them but to assist them in escaping and moving on from these difficult relationships. It can be confusing for a person that is being abused to fully understand what is happening, especially if they are being gas-lighted, so friends or family that recognise what is going on can make the initial contact for our assistance. 

We understand how important it is to have the right person in your corner making it clear that they believe you and they will fight for you. We understand the specific issues that can arise in these cases and can offer the best support to you to make sure you are safe. We recognise that abuse can be physical, emotional, financial and sexual. We know the best ways to tackle these situations to offer our clients the protection that they need from their abuser. Having a top lawyer on your side can make an enormous difference to both your emotional journey as well as the final outcome for your case. 

Those in abusive relationships can find it hard to make contact and we offer a WhatsApp service to allow contact when you cannot talk as well as arranging discreet meeting places. 

These cases require an expert team that understands the particular complexities of these case. We have therefore developed a specialist domestic abuse team that have the knowledge and experience of these cases, allowing them to support you completely throughout this distressing time. There are wide-reaching emergency orders that can be used to offer immediate protection to victims following a domestic abuse incident. 


Each situation is different, and we can offer support tailored to your specific needs and concerns: 

  • Married couples with or without children 
  • Unmarried couples with children 
  • Unmarried couples without children  

Is Vardags right for you? 

Vardags represents clients who are, or are married to, high net worth individuals or senior professionals. 

If you are concerned about your safety or worried about your financial independence from your partner, our team can help. We can also assist clients without their own finances but where their partner holds the assets of the relationship using: 

  • Legal services payment orders where relevant that requires the party that holds the assets to pay the other sides legal costs. 

  • A maintenance pending suit, which allows a party to receive maintenance from the other before a divorce is finalised.  

It is crucial to seek early legal advice. Our expert team can act immediately and work to secure an emergency hearing within 24 hours of you contacting us. 

We are ready to help 

We offer a free consultation to suitable clients, typically those where the familys net assets are in excess of £1m or the combined income is in excess of £150,000. Our experienced domestic abuse family lawyers will take the time to understand the details of your unique situation and talk you through the next stages of the legal process. 

Please call our confidential enquiry line on 020 7458 4348 to book a consultation. Lines are staffed 24 hours. If it is difficult for you to use the telephone (for example because you are in close proximity to your spouse or partner) you can also send us a message or contact us via WhatsApp

OUR Domestic Abuse TEAM

Lois Rogers

Director - Divorce & Family Law Lois Rogers
“Lois was extremely efficient, and thought "out of the box" to get the results I wanted. She is everything a client would want.” 

Ella Welsby

Senior Associate Ella Welsby
“I will be forever truly thankful to both Sarah and Ella of Vardags. They have guided me through each step of the process with quiet patience, compassion and professionalism.” 
Former Client

Rica Lee

Graduate Trainee (Trainee Solicitor) Rica Lee
“The advice and level of service it offers is unparalleled” 
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