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We understand that businesses are built on reputation. For successful brands and companies, the stakes are high, and a good public profile is priceless. Our team regularly advises businesses and their executives on the best strategies to defend and protect a reputation.

Our team has expertise across all areas of reputation and privacy law, and often handle issues of defamation, smear campaigns, and protection from potential bad leavers or disgruntled ex-employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

A company’s reputation is its most valuable asset. For successful brands and companies, damaging allegations can cause serious damage to public and financial standing.We regularly engage with publishers, ranging from established publications through to social media channels and even other companies, to seek the removal of defamatory allegations, and the correction and rectification of inaccurate data. Our lawyers have specific experience handling cases of Twitter libel (“Twibel”) and other aspects of social media law.

Bad leavers can present a real threat to a company’s reputation if they have access to confidential information that they could leak, or material for blackmail.Nevertheless, it is possible to take legal action to avoid potential fallout. Information leaks can fall within the remit of data protection law and the law of confidence. You can also protect yourself by enforcing existing contractual terms by, for example, securing emergency injunctions.

Smear campaigns can have a devastating effect on the reputation and finances of successful companies and their executives. Defamation and conspiracy laws exist to protect businesses from such damaging accusations.We can create a bespoke strategy to handle co-ordinated attacks on your business’s reputation, collaborating with your existing legal, financial and PR team to manage the issue on all fronts. We regularly engage with publishers, including national press and social media, to seek removal of defamatory allegations, and correction and rectification of inaccurate data. We can also help you uncover evidence as to who is behind the campaign.

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We offer a free consultation to qualifying individuals. Please call our confidential enquiry line on 020 7404 9390. Lines are staffed 24 hours.

When you contact us a member of our client relations team will take the full details of your situation, assess whether we can assist you, and if so, determine the best team for your case. 

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