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Divorce lawyers for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you will want to protect your company and your assets should you get divorced.

The English court has a wide discretion to make awards between spouses, including looking at company assets. Usually, the assets built up during the marriage will be shared, though preexisting assets will generally only be used to meet needs. The court will also consider awarding ongoing maintenance to your spouse, depending on their ability to meet their own needs.

Vardags for entrepreneurs

Vardags specialise in high net worth claims, often involving entrepreneurs and business people. We have our own in-house financial team, which blends legal knowledge with corporate understanding and commercial awareness. We will help you to ensure that arguments regarding the value and liquidity of your business are put forward to the court, ensuring that your investments are protected as much as possible. We will help you to structure a settlement which protects you and your business.

Vardags also understand the pressures that entrepreneurs are under, and their desire to bring divorce proceedings to an end so that they can get on with running their businesses. Vardags have pioneered the use of alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration, which can bring your case to a rapid and fair conclusion.

Vardags team for entrepreneurs

Jonathan Ruffell is head of Vardags' financial forensic team, dealing with complex financial cases involving the valuation of private companies, interpretation of complex remuneration schemes, finding hidden assets, and liberating cash to allow clean-break settlement. 

Regularly billed as “Britain’s top divorce lawyer”, Ayesha Vardag has advised leading entrepreneurs on their divorce settlements. With a background in corporate law, she has a highly attuned understanding of corporate issues, including matters of company valuation and liquidity.