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Divorce lawyers for company executives

As a company executive you will want to protect the income and assets your have built up in your career. You will also want to protect your future incentives and vesting options. All are vulnerable on divorce.

The English court views marriage as a partnership. It will look to share the wealth built up during the marriage equally between the parties – including options earned but not yet vested. Depending on your circumstances, it is also likely that you will have to maintain your spouse from your future income, particularly if they are unable to meet their own financial needs.

Vardags for company executives

With our corporate expertise and in-house financial experts, we understand how to project your case and project your assets better than any other firm.  We understand how to challenge the values and liquidity of remuneration packages, including future options and pension provisions, as well as earning potential. We will help you to find a settlement which protects your capital and minimises the amount of your future income which you are spending on your spouse.

With over a decade of experience of high-end family law, our service will help you to obtain the best possible result for your case. We will help you structure a settlement which suits your financial position, whether that is achieved through negotiation or litigation. We will work with you to help you obtain you goals and get on with your life.

Vardags team for company executives

Director Arron Bortoft has decades of experience working on high level family law cases. He has represented a rage of company executives, getting impressive results which have preserved their capital and income.

Lois Rogers also has significant experience working on a range of cases involving company executives.