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Divorce lawyers for royalty and aristocracy

As a member of a royal or aristocratic family, you will naturally be concerned with protecting both your family wealth and your good name should you come to divorce.

The wide ranging powers of the English court mean that the judge can order payments based on family money and inheritances, even when such money is held through trust structures. In viewing marriage as a partnership, the English court is likely to make a generous award, sharing capital built up during the marriage and even using non-matrimonial property to meet a partys needs.

As a member of a prominent family, you are also likely to want to protect your reputation during the course of your divorce. Though family proceedings are usually heard in private, there is the possibility that your case will be heard in open court, and the parties are able to speak to the press provided they do not breach certain reporting restrictions.

As a member of a foreign royal family, you may also worry that the influence of relatives could prejudiced a court decision. If you are entitled to divorce in England that may lead to a fairer and more favourable result.

With your divorce subject to public scrutiny, you may wish to engage with the press or ask the court to prevent publication of some elements. This will involve the complex interplay of family, media, and human rights law.

Vardags for royalty and the aristocracy

Vardags have a strong history of representing members of peers and royal families, including international aristocrats.

Our understanding of family trusts and asset structures will help you to protect your future financial position, and that of your family. We will advise you on how to respond to a needs or sharing claim and how to accurately demonstrate the value and liquidity of your family wealth. We will help you to determine your spouses reasonable needs and explore their own earning capacity. As leading international family lawyers, we will help you obtain the best possible settlement.

Vardags have particular experience in representing high profile clients. We understand that your reputation is important for your and will help you manage the press as they report on your divorce. Our relationships with the press will help you get your side of the story out, whilst our experience in media law, including acting for prominent celebrities, will help you to protect your reputation as necessary.

Vardags team for royalty and the aristocracy

Ayesha Vardag has represented several members of prominent families in proceedings during the course of her career. She has advised in relation to financial settlements involving both capital and income, as well as on cases with significant media attention.

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