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My former partner is making a claim against me

A claim by your ex can be complex and expensive. Whether they are seeking provision for themselves, or for your child, you will want the very best legal representation you can get.

As top family lawyers, Vardags have significant experience in defending financial claims by former cohabitees. We will advise you when you should, and when you shouldnt, need to make provision and help you negotiate the best deal. Where court proceedings cannot be avoided, we will fight hard to get you the best possible settlement.



Frequently Asked Questions

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as common law marriage and a former cohabitee has no automatic rights to a share in your property. Sometimes, however, a successful claim can arise under trust and property law.

Schedule 1 of the Children’s Act allows for a parent to seek financial support for their children from the “non-resident” parent. This includes regular payments of child maintenance but can also extend to providing a house for the child and paying other expenses such as school fees.

Whether it is due to a downturn in your business, ill-health or retirement, you might find that the maintenance payments are taking a disproportionate amount of your income. If that is the case, you can ask the court for a downward variation of the child maintenance which you pay.

Though uncommon, false allegations of domestic abuse can be extremely distressing. As leading family lawyers, Vardags can help you to defend against such claims and put forward your case.If false allegations are not firmly refuted, the consequences can be very serious. An occupation or non-molestation order could lead to you being removed from your home or even arrested by the police. These orders can also have significant impact on your professional life and be used to limit the time you spend with your children after separation.

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