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Top lawyers in cases of child abduction

If your child has been abducted by the other parent it is important to act quickly and effectively. Vardags’ top child abduction lawyers can help you to take immediate action, obtaining court orders to prevent the child being removed from the country, and to empower police and other authorities to locate and return the child. If you have been accused of child abduction, the consequences can be very serious and you must seek legal advice immediately. We have the expertise to resolve the situation rapidly and discretely, to avoid long term damage to your family.

You may know our name from some of the highest profile family law cases of the last decade in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, against other leading law firms. But we also act efficiently and discreetly on many cases that are kept entirely out of the public eye.

Is Vardags right for your child abduction matter?

Many of our highest profile clients have family assets in the billions or in the hundreds or tens of millions. However, if you have an income of £300,000 per annum or savings of £100,000 then we can assist you.

Whatever your circumstances having a top family solicitor on your side can make an enormous difference the outcome of your case.

How can Vardags help with your child abduction matter?

We cover the full range of child abduction matters. Our clients are typically in one of the following scenarios:

My ex has abducted our children

My ex is accusing me of abducting our children

We are ready to help

If you think you may need our help of our family law solicitors, please call us right away. At an initial consultation we can give you preliminary advice and make a plan going forward.

We offer a free consultation to qualifying individuals. Please call our confidential enquiry line on 020 7404 9390 or email us. Lines are staffed 24 hours.

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