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Vardags Law News offers a selection of analysis, opinion and other curiosities concerning the law, and how the justice system interacts with the wider world. Expect to find discussion on the latest developments in the spheres of family law, private client, civil and commercial litigation and criminal law. Fearlessly future-focused and always looking to the bigger picture, we aim to be a helpful resource and a thought-provoker for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Editors' picks

Has marriage lost its health benefits in the modern world?

A recent US study has revealed that modern life may have put an end to the health benefits that once came with marriage for both men and women.... Read More

Law Commission recommends overhaul of outdated wills system

The Law Commission last week published a new consultation paper urging reform of the 'outdated' law surrounding wills... Read More
Gay Couple Holding Hands at Park

Supreme Court ruling gives gay married couples equal pension rights

In a landmark ruling, a former cavalry officer has won his battle to provide his husband with the same pension rights that a wife... Read More


Our commentary delves beneath the surface, getting to grips with some of the underlying issues influencing legal developments and reform. Here you will find editorial commentary, analysis and opinion pieces.

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Here you can expect the latest news on the most significant cases in the English courts and beyond, and discover how they are likely to impact the legal justice system and society at large.


Barristers, academics, and other leading figures have all sat down in our mahogany-panelled office to pass on their wisdom. Read on for key insights into what is happening at the front lines of the law, from the people who work there.


All this and more is brought to you by a dedicated team who keep their fingers firmly on the pulse when it comes to the latest legal developments. Discover more about our in-house journalists and other regular contributors here.


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