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Russian rent-a-husband

10th March 2015
Russian rent-a-husband

According to a report in the Moscow Times, Moscow City Hall has rolled out a social services scheme that offers residents a handymans help on demand whenever there is a requirement for traditionally masculine work. In other words, fixing shelves and repairing leaking taps.

According to the website of private company, Moscow Husband For An Hour, theyre concerned that the female of the species will struggle with such tasks, or be unwilling to perform them. Heres the website statement on the matter:

Youve just spent a long time in a store selecting a new light fixture for your hallway to perfectly match your new décor…But youre a beautiful woman with a killer manicure, and youre not ready to get intimate with a buzzing and horribly vibrating drill. Who can come to your aid?

The answer, it seems, is any one of a range of male DIY experts, specifically young and strong men with a huge set of technical skills. These men will also be assertive and will call themselves your husband for an hour. Indeed?

This is a service that has existed in the private sector, but is now being extended to low-income families, for whom it will be free. For those with greater means, there will be a moderate fee. So far, the most enthusiastic take-up seems to have come from the younger and elderly sections of the population.

Not that this is the first instance of these kinds of services; the Moscow administration already offers domestic services to elderly or disabled people that are usually viewed as womens work such as cooking or cleaning. However, theres nothing to suggest that the female workers who perform these duties should be referred to as rental wives.

Laura Bliss in an article for The Atlantic, comments: %27Lets just leave "pity" for the "manicured sex" out of it%27. Bliss also pointed out that Russia has an extraordinarily high divorce rate, and shes not wrong: historically, Russia has had one of the highest divorce rates in the world.

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