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Art lecturer dismissed his ex-partner as a 'lodger'

After a two-year legal battle, art lecturer Rupert Ashmore has finally agreed to pay his ex-partner, Kim Woodward, the sum of £275,000. But this comes after Mr Ashmore was branded 'callous and selfish' by a district judge, having heard the man’s claim that his partner of 25 years was a mere 'lodger' in their home. The couple met when Ms... Read More

Fiction vs Family Law: Suffragette and the history of adoption

My last blog looked at Suffragette and what it had to tell us about parental rights, but it only briefly touched on the topic of adoption, which the film does address. To recap, Maud, the main character, having joined the suffragette movement and been kicked out of her home, makes one final attempt to see her young son Georgie, only to find that... Read More

Court of protection: who bought all the pies?

In a somewhat unusual case before the Court of Protection, a divorced woman has lost control of her mother’s finances after she spent up to £250 a month on pastries. Senior Judge Denzil Lush heard that the daughter, in her 50s, would frequently show up at her mother’s nursing home armed with carbohydrate-heavy party food such as sausage... Read More

Re XZ [2015] and the Lasting Power of Attorney

Completion of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and its implementation (or registration) is considered relatively straightforward. However, this is rather deceptive, as the document and the powers it permits (or lack thereof) require much planning and forecasting of the donor’s future plans and wishes. With the introduction of new statutory... Read More

Common intention constructive trust: ‘unclean hands’ no bar to cohabitee claims

Statute grants English judges considerable discretion when it comes to the transfer of property on the breakdown of a marriage. Cohabitees, however, are reliant on the complexities of English trust law. Since the decisions of the House of Lords in Stack v Dowden and of the Supreme Court in Jones v Kernott , the way in which cohabitees obtain an... Read More

The numbers are in for same-sex marriages

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released the numbers of same-sex marriages that have taken place in England and Wales since the implementation of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013. Between 29 March 2014 and 30 June 2015, 7366 weddings took place; of these, 55% were between women and 45% between men. From March 2014, the... Read More

China set to loosen one-child policy

After thirty-five years of being limited to one child per family, China looks set to move on. Not far though: it may only be a case of allowing two children rather than one. The controversial policy was implemented in 1979 in order to slow the country’s high birth rate, which had arisen from the fact that previous Chinese governments... Read More

Mostyn J finds Ian McEwan guilty of misnaming The Children Act

High Court Judge Mr Justice Mostyn has suggested that superstar novelist Ian McEwan made a rookie error in naming his 2014 novel The Children Act. While Mostyn J finds the novel “excellent”, he was less than convinced by the title. McEwan’s acclaimed novel tells the story of a fictitious High Court judge of the Family Division, named Fiona... Read More

A third of British working mothers are main family earners

A report published today by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) shows a marked shift in the way families work – both inside and outside the home – across Europe. In Britain today, one-third of working mothers are the principal breadwinners in their families. This upward swing in maternal earning has been fuelled partly by a rise in... Read More

Lord Lucan’s son applies for father to be ‘presumed dead’

George Bingham, son of the disappeared Lord Lucan has applied to the High Court to have his father declared ‘presumed dead’. Lord Lucan went missing from his home in 1974 after the death of the family nanny, named Sandra Rivett. Ms Rivett had been murdered and an inquest a year after the fact found that Lord Lucan had murdered her. Evidence... Read More
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