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CAFCASS launches “ground-breaking” pilot scheme to crack down on parental alienation

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) is running a pilot scheme to bring an end to separated parents poisoning their child against the other parent. Parents who are guilty of manipulating their child in this way may have their child taken away from them and, in the most extreme cases, they may be denied... Read More

Australia says 'yes' to same-sex marriage: what happens now?

Results of the landmark yet tremendously controversial national postal survey are in, and Australian citizens has overwhelming voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage. David Kalisch, Head Statistician from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, announced on Wednesday morning that 7.8 million Australians (61.9% of voters) voted... Read More

Father’s application to return daughter to US likely to succeed despite mother's strong defence in MA v RA

Mr Justice Holman has given a summary of the current state of the case of MA v RA heard on 27 October 2017 in the Royal Courts of Justice. The case, adjourned for a final hearing on 23 November 2017, concerns a father’s application for the return of his daughter to America where he and his son reside. The mother, now in England with the... Read More

Mother imprisoned after breaching court orders to make allegations against child's father

The most recent proceedings in Gibbs v Gibbs, a dispute which has been in and out of the courts since 2001, concerned a committal application made against the mother for breach of court orders prohibiting her from disclosing or publishing her allegations against the father. In his judgment dated 29th June 2017, Mr Justice Hayden commented that the... Read More

Child relocation in CL v AL [2017]

CL v AL, a case heard at the Royal Courts of Justice in August 2017, concerned the issue of whether two children should be living in the UK with their father or in Australia with their mother. The facts The children involved, aged 13 and 10, both have dual British and Australian nationality. The parents married in the UK before moving to Australia... Read More

Family court data links adverse family experiences with proven youth offending

Research has long suggested that adverse family experiences and involvement with the family justice system at a young age can be linked to an increased likelihood of offending including both private and public law matters. A recent report conducted by the Ministry of Justice Analytical Services has analysed family court data to look further at... Read More

Berlin same-sex couple become the first to adopt a child in Germany

Kai and Michael Korok have become the first same-sex couple to adopt in Germany, formally welcoming their two-year-old son Maximillian into their family on 10 October. Maximilian has been with the Koroks since birth, after the couple took him in as foster parents. Michael said that becoming the child’s joint legal parents is a... Read More

Draft bill submitted to include mothers’ names in marriage certificates for the first time

Update 28/11/2017: Former cabinet minister Caroline Spelman, is to present the bill to allow for mothers' names on marriage certificates for second reading this week. The bill is co-sponsored by Frank Field, Maria Miller and Tim Farron.The Right Reverend Dr Alan Smith, a senior bishop of the Church of England, has put forward a draft bill which... Read More

Greece changes law so trans citizens can change gender with a court ruling

A new law allowing citizens to officially change their gender has been passed by the Greek parliament despite strong opposition. Although it is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for transgender rights, there is still a long way to go. The new law, passed with 171 votes in favour and 114 against, allows citizens over the age of 15 to... Read More

Secure accommodation orders are not a matter for the High Court, says judge

Mr Justice Holman told the court last month on 22 September, in A Local Authority and AT and FE that the High Court is not the appropriate resource for making secure accommodation orders. He expressed his concern regarding the lack of approved secure accommodation placements available to local authorities, meaning that the High Court is... Read More
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