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Divorce lawyers for women

Vardags is a firm of top divorce and family lawyers working exclusively on high value cases.

Our President Ayesha Vardag has been widely described as Britains Top Divorce Lawyer and the Diva of Divorce

We have represented women in some of the most complex and challenging divorce cases in history and have secured some of the largest awards ever made by English courts. We will ensure you get your fair share. and help you move towards your new, independent life. We also provide expert advice and representation for disputes over arrangements for children.

Is Vardags right for you? 

Vardags represents women from wealthy families in all aspects of divorce law, especially those involving hidden assets, valuable and/or complex corporate structures, complex legal issues, trusts and multiple or disputed jurisdictions. We act for women who have acquired or inherited their own wealth, and those who have supported high earning husbands.

We understand that your childrens best interests come first. Our expert children department will work with you to find pragmatic solutions which put your children first. We can support you in achieving a fair child maintenance arrangement and legal advice should you or your spouse wish to live abroad with your children. 

If you are concerned that your financial security is in jeopardy, we can assure you that our financial forensic team will leave no stone unturned to track down and accurately value your spouses assets and income. You may be in a position where your partner has substantial funds but you do not have access to money to support yourself or afford legal fees. If this is the case, we may be able to apply for interim maintenance and provision for legal fees.

Whatever the circumstances, having a top divorce lawyer and a team of in-house financial experts on your side can make a pivotal difference to your chances of success.

If you think you may need our help, dont delay. Contact us before your spouse does. 

We are ready to help 

During your initial consulation, our experienced team of divorce and children lawyers will take the time to understand the details of your unique situation and talk you through the next stages of the legal process. We will then be able to give you a sense of the possible outcomes of your case and even the likely cost.

If you have been subjected to physical, emotional, or financial abuse, or feel vulnerable to such abuse, the family courts will seek to protect you. Vardags advises on domestic abuse and harassment matters with care and sensitivity. We have extensive experience in non-molestation and occupation order applications and act quickly and with the strictest confidentiality, your safety being our utmost priority.

If you are subjected to physical violence, or the threat of it, you should contact the police immediately.


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