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Changes to Family Procedure Rules – what does this mean for you?

It isn’t just the seasons which are changing – this month, April 2024, heralds changes to the Family Procedure Rules – a number of which may impact how family cases progress; especially in relation to non-court dispute resolution. This article explores what these changes are, what they could mean for you and how we at Vardags... Read More

The rise of non-monogamous relationships, and any legal implications

The rise of non-monogamous relationships, and any legal implications: With the likes of Louis Theroux and Stacey Dooley fronting documentaries looking at non-monogamous relationships both in the UK and abroad, fictional depictions in TV shows, dating apps creating new categories when searching for partners, adultery becoming ‘legally... Read More

The fluctuating cryptocurrency market and family law

The fluctuating cryptocurrency market and family law Bitcoin reached a new record all-time high on Thursday 14th March, reaching over $73,700; the surge in price follows the introduction of the recently approved Bitcoin ETF issued by the likes of Blackrock and Fidelity. This has widened the pool of investors by offering an opportunity to... Read More


According to current data, roughly half of all children in the UK will not live with both parents simultaneously by the time they are fourteen. While ‘staying together for the sake of the children’ was historically used as reason for staying in a troubled marriage, this begs the question of whether a child’s wellbeing is more... Read More

How to protect your children on their first Christmas after divorce

While Instagram would lead us to believe that every family spends the Christmas period in matching pyjamas happily making mince pies in a remarkably mess-free kitchen, the reality can be rather different. Tensions run high in most families and it is generally a stressful time for parents, with the first Christmas post-divorce likely to be even... Read More

Marriage, divorce and millennials: long distance marriages

Many things have changed since the baby boomers[1] were the age millennials are now (those between 28 and 43[2]). We’ve looked at how the rise of social media has affected marriage and divorce, as well as the impact of recent global economic downturns on when couples choose to marry. Both of these are indicators of a larger phenomenon,... Read More

Summer holidays advice for separated parents

In cases where the separated parents live in different countries, flight cancellations or similar issues can present significant challenges to child arrangements. For example, if one parent lives in London and the other in Italy, if flights are cancelled, then it could be very difficult for the child to spend time with the other parent during... Read More

Katherine Res Pritchard discusses recent high court ruling on posthumous use of an embryo

Katherine Res Pritchard is a senior director and Head of London Children at Vardags. She worked in a team alongside Ayesha on the groundbreaking legal ruling of Y v A Healthcare NHS Trust & The HFEA & Z (by his litigation friend, The Official Solicitor) [2018] EWCOP 18 . In 2018, the specialist fertility team at Vardags... Read More

The UNHW divorce driving the art auction industry

Where the multimillions are made: UHNW divorce   “The Macklowe split has it all – octogenarians fighting for 5 years in the most acrimonious of proceedings. Enter stage left, real estate mogul Harry Macklowe, allegedly erecting a 42+ foot billboard of himself and his new wife on a Park Avenue building where the parties had... Read More

Sacha Lee discusses CAFCASS launching a new telephone service

Cafcass have launched a new telephone service for children and young people, with the aim that children have a space to ‘share their views about how well we supported them, how effectively we listened and understood what life is like for them, and how that understanding influenced what the Family Court Adviser recommended in their report... Read More
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