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A closer look at the court's role in preventing child radicalisation in A Local Authority v HB

The case In A Local Authority v HB, Mr Justice MacDonald had to decide whether the mother, who had planned to travel to Syria with the children, aged 6 and 3, was intending to expose the children to radicalisation. The father was not present or represented; it was understood that he had left the UK in 2013 and may have died in Syria. As Mr Justice... Read More

Re CB [2017]: domestic abuse case adjourned to offer father "one final, time-limited opportunity" to co-parent

Mr Justice Cobb, sitting in the Family Division of the High Court, last week adjourned the contact applications of an allegedly abusive father and the leave to remove applications of the mother. The father was ordered to refer himself for treatment to learn to manage his behaviours and demonstrate that he can effectively co-parent because the... Read More

President of the Family Division expresses his support for settlement conferences

The President of the Family Division has released a statement confirming his support for the piloting of settlement conferences for public and private law children cases. He states: “the pilot has my full support…I would like to encourage judges to consider adopting the pilot in their area”. What is a settlement conference? A settlement... Read More

CS & Another v PD [2017]: The Hague convention, Article 13, and putting the children first

This ‘unusual’ case, so labelled by Mr Justice Holman in his judgment, which was finally resolved in April this year, emphasizes that, whilst statute can provide clear guidance in key elements of a case, it is always important for the court to continue to treat all children cases on a case-by-case basis. This case involved a mother, her two... Read More

Children missing out on maintenance payments owing to CMS loopholes

Gingerbread, the UK charity for single parent families, has published a damning report on the Child Maintenance Service. Among many things, the research shows that parents are manipulating the loopholes in the system to avoid paying their children what they deserve. The charity was set up in 1918 to make sure that children growing up in... Read More

Transgender father to appeal for direct contact with ultra-orthodox Jewish children

A transgender father of five has been granted permission to appeal a High Court decision which ruled out face-to-face contact with their ultra-Orthodox Jewish children. The parents had raised the five children together in an ultra-orthodox community in northern Manchester until in June 2015 the father left home to live outside the community... Read More

Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill announced in the Queen's Speech

What will this new bill achieve? This bill is another step in a newly developing sequence of bills regarding domestic violence, emphasising the seriousness with which the government is viewing this issue. Whilst progress has already been made following the proposition of the Prisons and Courts, and the subsequent Courts Bill which was also... Read More

House of Commons publishes a briefing paper on prenuptial agreements

The House of Commons Library has published a briefing paper which sets out the current status of prenuptial agreements and proposals for reform. The Library provides impartial information and research to MPs and their staff in support of their parliamentary duties. The Commons research briefings are intended to provide in-depth and impartial... Read More

CFAB leading research into best practice in inter-country children and family cases

The UK charity Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB) have announced that they will be conducting an audit into best practice in inter-country children and family cases. The study will be funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation which supplies grants to charities aiming to improve community life in the UK. CFAB was established in 1955 as the... Read More

Australian man granted access to parents' 40-year-old divorce file

A family court in Melbourne will allow a 53-year-old man to examine part of his parents' divorce file, after he argued that the "toxic" family life resulting from the marital breakdown continues to have an adverse effect on his mental health. The Australian reports that the man, identified only as 'Mr Carter' in court... Read More
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