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“Landmark” Domestic Abuse Bill becomes law: what does it include?

On Thursday 29th April, the Domestic Abuse Bill received royal assent, completing its passage through the Houses of Parliament into law. Described as a “landmark piece of legislation” by Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland, the bill introduces, for the first time, a legal definition of domestic abuse that aims to go beyond physical... Read More

From afterschool clubs to play dates – the subtle ways some separated parents try to obstruct contact

Attempts to obstruct contact by one parent with the child(ren)’s other parent can take many forms – it is not always as explicit as simply refusing to allow a child to see another parent where their parents are separated. Instead, obstructive parents can come up with a wide variety of excuses to reduce or restrict contact. While... Read More

Easter Holidays for Separated Parents

With the Easter break now upon us, many families will be considering a trip away.   While destinations abroad may be off limits for the time being, or at least accompanied by a mandatory quarantine period for the next few months, holidays in self-contained accommodation will be allowed from April 12. Whether in self-catering... Read More

RE H-N, Everyone’s Invited and the link between the two

The revelations which appeared on the website Everyone's Invited have shocked us all. The country's attention is now fixed on how this has happened. The number of testimonies, covering a range of both private and state schools, totals over 10,000 – a stark figure. It is clear that safeguarding and reporting measures across... Read More

Children and the Covid-19 vaccination: FAQs

Following on from the first part of our series, which focussed on the legal principles which will underpin any court’s decision regarding vaccinations for children, this article will aim to answer some of the most frequent and pressing questions related to the issue. Can my former partner prevent my child from receiving the Covid-19... Read More

Children and the Covid-19 vaccination: The Law

With the UK’s vaccine rollout progressing, questions are now being raised about the vaccination of children. While younger people are generally less severely affected by the virus, ensuring they are vaccinated is key to preventing transmission and achieving the level of herd immunity necessary to halt Covid’s spread. This is why,... Read More

Transcript: Emma Gill discusses Covid custody battles on The Andrew Pierce Show

Appearing on The Andrew Pierce Show on Monday the 15th, Emma Gill, Director of Divorce and Head of our Manchester office, discussed the worrying trend of parents using Covid fears as an excuse to prevent their former partner from visiting their children. Her conversation with Andrew built upon comments she contributed for an article in... Read More

Covid’s effect on separated families must be a priority for new Children’s Commissioner

On March 1, immediately after assuming her role as Children’s Commissioner, Rachel de Souza released a blog post detailing her ambitions. Referencing the Beveridge Report of the 1940s, de Souza expressed her goal of bringing about “not just a golden age of policy making, but a golden age of delivery.” Today, she announced... Read More

The effect of Covid 19 on children of separated parents living abroad

The UK government announced that from 15 February 2021, anyone entering the UK from a country on the “red list” would have to isolate in a quarantine hotel for 10 days. This caused anyone who needs to travel to the UK, whether returning home, for work or any other reason, to panic. Many people tried to rush to get flights to the UK... Read More

Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 – A Children Lawyer’s Perspective

This is perhaps the most important Children’s Mental Health Week there has ever been, in the middle of the third national lockdown of the pandemic and with schools again closed. Children, like adults, have been ordered by the UK government to stay at home, and are trying to get used to the dramatic impact this is having on their daily... Read More
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