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Alternative dispute resolution: arbitration

Arbitration is an out-of-court process where the parties appoint an arbitrator effectively to act as a judge and make an award. The award is agreed to be binding between the parties, subject to the family court making the award into an order. What happens during arbitration? The Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA) has produced a very... Read More

Long term partner wins half of home she shared with married man

Last week, I reported on Joy Williams’ property case in the London County Central Court. Today, it has been held that the interest in the property should belong to Joy Williams and not, Norman’s estranged wife. The background to this case is set out in my first article. By way of brief summary only, Joy and Norman were in a relationship for 18... Read More

Cuts to legal aid and the impact on domestic violence victims

Two years ago, cuts to legal aid resulted in the removal of legal aid in divorces unless one of the parties had been the victim of domestic violence. Some MPs have not taken a favourable view of statistics released by the Ministry of Justice showing that the number of non-molestation orders issued by the courts to protect people from harassment,... Read More

Family planning needed in Zika-afflicted areas

As the Zika virus continues to spread across the Americas, countries including Colombia, Ecuador and El Salvador are calling for women to avoid pregnancy in the foreseeable future. Though no link has yet been proven, the Zika virus correlates strongly with microcephaly, a birth defect causing incomplete brain development and unusually small... Read More

Marriage, divorce and millennials: parental influence

Even if you ascribe more to nature than nurture, the impact that our parents have on us cannot be disputed. From choice of career to more minute personality traits, parental influence is pervasive. But with marriage among millennials continuing to decline, does this influence extend to our views of marriage and divorce? For those growing up... Read More

Thousands protest same-sex unions in Italy

Hundreds of thousands gathered in Rome last week to protest a bill that would grant adoption, medical and inheritance rights to gay couples. Italy is the only major western European country not to recognise same-sex unions or marriages. The event’s organisers claim that two million protesters attended, though reporters at the scene... Read More

Mock Shock: The long-term girlfriend of a millionaire is allowed to keep the property she was gifted during their relationship!

The press have been very quick to cover the case of John Hoggins and Greta Cerniauskaite. The headlines have included: Millionaire plumbing boss must give £650,000 home to Lithuanian housekeeper who became lover Millionaire plumber is ordered to pay his Lithuanian former cleaner girlfriend huge slice of his fortune – even though they were... Read More

Parents, children and the presumption of advancement

The presumption of advancement (by which a husband is presumed to be making a gift to his wife if he transfers property to her or purchases property in her name), although not yet in force, is abolished by Part 15 of the Equality Act 2010 s. 199. This fairly recent change in the law does not however, consider the presumption of advancement... Read More

Alternative dispute resolution: mediation

It is common that the time it takes to get a hearing listed proves frustrating for couples but the court is not the only option available for those looking for legal assistance in family matters. What is mediation? Mediation is the process whereby couples meet with a mediator who will help them resolve disputes over relevant issues, including... Read More

Changes to marital rape laws in India proposed by government

Things have changed in India over the last few years. After the gang-rape and subsequent death of a 24-year-old student in December 2012, public outcry put pressure on the government to reform the laws concerned with sexual assault. This kind of response was unprecedented. “Delhi was the epicentre for the movement, but it was happening... Read More
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