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Family law solicitors for LGBTQ+ clients

Vardags is well-equipped to advise LGBTQ+ couples and individuals on family law matters relating to same-sex relationships.

Going through the upheaval of divorce isnt easy, particularly if you are a parent. If you or your partner is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, you may worry that the specific circumstances of your case wont be fully understood.

As top divorce lawyers, Vardags have worked on a number of cases involving same-sex marriages and civil partnerships. Our industry leading legal expertise and commercial understanding will help you to get the best possible financial outcome, whatever your circumstances and background,

We understand that there is currently little case law involving same-sex couples in the family justice system. Vardags always works at the cutting edge of the law and as such is undaunted by the nuance of relationship breakdown in alternative families.

If you have children, we will help you to come to pragmatic solutions for how they spend their time, reflecting their best interests. Whether or not you are a biological parent, we will help you to handle matters of contact and residency to ensure that you are able to co-parent in a supportive and productive way.

Our team of leading family lawyers can assist you in your divorce or dissolution proceedings and child matters with pragmatism and sensitivity. We will guide you through your divorce and help you to focus on building your new, independent life.

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