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Catherine Thomas speaks to Mumsnet

28th September 2016 - John Oxley
Catherine Thomas speaks to Mumsnet

Following her success representing Michelle Young in the latters long running divorce case, Catherine Thomas wrote about the experience in a guest post for Mumsnet. She explained how diligent forensic work led to building a case against a man who claimed that all his assets had been lost in a failed property deal.

The documents she found provided support for applications for search and seizure orders at homes and offices which further built her case.  When the husband failed properly to engage in the case, we obtained an order seizing his passport, and pursued an application which led to him serving three months in prison - a power which is rarely used in the family courts. After a painstaking review of the evidence, which included Sir Philip Green and Richard Caring in the witness box, the judge concluded that the husband was not £28 million in debt as he had claimed, but rather that he had assets of £45 million and debts of just £5 million.  A 17-year marriage and two children entitled Michelle to half the net assets - £20 million.

Catherine wrote that, though the sums were very large, the case of Young v Young can be a lesson to anyone involved in a divorce. Always get quality legal advice early on.  You dont need to incur huge legal bills, but you do need to know from the start what your rights are so you can make informed decisions.  However painful the separation, it will be all the more difficult if you are operating in a fog of confusion while trying to decide what to do next, she added.

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