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Sarah Foreman on Hamilton v Hamilton

9th May 2013
Sarah Foreman on Hamilton v Hamilton

One of our solicitors, Sarah Foreman, has had an article published in the esteemed legal journal, Family Law. As such, Sarah has become the first recipient of Vardags new publishing prize.

Explaining the important implications of the recent case Hamilton v Hamilton, Sarah highlighted the need for lawyers to pay particular attention to the wording of clauses in a consent agreement.

Courts can vary orders for lumps sum payable by instalments but not single individual lump sums. In order to prevent future variation of payments, solicitors and barristers have adopted the practice whereby they will draft the relevant clause of a consent order as pertaining to a series of specific single lump sums, not lump sums payable by instalments.

There is, of course, a subtle irony in Sarah writing accurately about the importance of accurate writing. The legal industry requires exceptionally efficient communication, whether speaking with clients, arguing cases or drafting documents. Sarahs publication is evidence that our lawyers are fully aware of the need for effective communication, and are more than capable of meeting it.

Many congratulations to Sarah for this outstanding achievement.

To read Sarahs article in Family Law, click here…

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