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Family Law Archive - 2014 - Page 4

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Publication of judgments in the Family Courts

On 16 January 2014, the President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, issued new guidance relating to the publication of judgments in the family courts and the Court of Protection. In the guidance he writes: 'In both courts there is a need for greater transparency in order to improve public understanding of the court process and confidence in... Read More

Don't forget the 2013 child maintenance changes

A number of important changes to the way child maintenance is calculated came into force on 25 November 2013. Below is a summary of the main changes that could affect you. The Child Support Agency (CSA) has closed: The CSA has been replaced by the Child Maintenance Service (CMS). From now on, all applications should be made to the CMS.... Read More

Contact orders: the process

The breakdown of a relationship can be an extremely stressful and emotionally challenging time, even more so when children are involved. In some circumstances, unfortunately, parents are not able to agree care arrangements for children amicably between themselves. There are a number of different orders, under Section 8 of the Children Act 1989... Read More

Can children determine their 'habitual residence'?

Do children get a say as to where they should live? Yes, sometimes, says the Supreme Court today in the case of LC (Children) UKSC 1. The Supreme Court this morning decided the untested issue of whether a child can effectively determine his or her own habitual residence. In a unanimous ruling they decided that a child’s state of mind,... Read More

The shadow director and the no-compete injunction

In R v R EWHC 4244 (Fam), the President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, approved the continuation of an injunction intended to prevent a husband from directly or indirectly engaging in any business that competes with the family company, also run by his wife, of which he is a shadow director. The injunction was originally granted in... Read More

Sir Paul Coleridge's views on marriage

Sir Paul Coleridge, a judge of the high court Family Division, is also the founder and chairman of The Marriage Foundation, a think-tank that promotes the institution of marriage by offering support and information and by engaging in public debate. Nor is Mr Justice Coleridge himself a stranger to public debate, having incurred the glare of the... Read More

US law proposes to sanction countries over child abduction

In December, the United States Congress passed draft legislation that would give the US government power to impose sanctions on countries that fail to honour international obligations on child abduction and relocation. The Sean and David Goldman International Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act of 2013 takes its name from a high... Read More

Child Maintenance Service open to all new applicants

The Child Maintenance Service, which was launched in December 2012 for new applicants seeking child maintenance from non-resident parents, has been rolled out to all new applicants. Under the Child Maintenance Service, which will eventually replace the Child Support Agency, the amount of maintenance payable by the non-resident parent will be... Read More

Same-sex couples can marry from 29 March 2014

The Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill received Royal Assent on 11 December 2013. The Bill will enable same-sex couples to marry in civil ceremonies. It will also permit those religious organisations who wish to conduct marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples to opt in, meaning no religious organisation will be forced to do so. In order... Read More
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