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Waiting for the Children and Families Bill

The current law governing children proceedings is the Children Act 1989, which came into force in 1991. It has previously been described by Lord Mackay as “the most comprehensive and far-reaching form of child law.” They key principles set out in the act are: That the welfare of the child is to be the paramount consideration That wherever... Read More

Cohabitation Rights Bill receives second reading

The Cohabitation Rights Bill, the Private Members Bill backed by Lord Marks, has been in the works for some time now, provoking strong reactions from both the aye and the naysayers. It is back on the radar now because on 12 December 2014 the Bill had its second reading in the House of Lords. It successfully passed through to the committee stage... Read More

Scottish law on immoveable assets: reforms proposed

If parents leave you out of their will it can be very distressing. If they tell you that is their intention before they die, that can be even more upsetting. However in England and Wales there is no right for children to challenge the will until the parent dies. In a recent article in the Sunday Times there were several cases of disinherited... Read More

'Mariage pour tous': an update on same-sex marriage in France

In May this year, France became the fourteenth country worldwide to legalise same-sex marriage. The first French gay wedding took place on 29 May 2013 in the city of Montpellier; in October it was further reported that the first same-sex divorce had been filed in France. The issue of gay marriage divided the French nation and the controversy... Read More

Two children swapped at birth will not be returned to biological parents

Of all the mistakes that could befall a person, having your baby accidentally swapped with another has to be one of the worst. But that is exactly what happened with two South African children – a girl and a boy – born on the same day in 2010 in a Johannesburg hospital. The truth was only discovered when one of the mothers... Read More

Technology and its pitfalls for a marriage – Part 2: Social Media

Further to our blog on the dangers of sharing technology in a marriage, spouses should be equally careful when posting on social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. Copies of these posts can be used in court as evidence, whether to confirm adultery, to prove a certain standard of living, or otherwise. For example, statuses or pictures... Read More

Estate planning and international jurisdictions

If you hold assets in different countries, you need to make sure your estate planning caters for the different succession laws in those countries, and does not cause a jurisdiction contest between them. For example if you have assets in Switzerland, and you have prepared a will in both the UK and Switzerland, you need to make it clear which will... Read More

How family law ended a republic and founded an empire in Ancient Rome

We’re often told that had Cleopatra’s nose been shorter, the whole face of the earth would have changed, but very few people have considered what might have occurred had Cleopatra had a better lawyer. The Roman world, like our own, was centred around the family. The changing legal circumstances of several high profile families – including... Read More

Domestic abuse: how employers can help

On Tuesday 25th November 2014 Public Health England (PHE) begins its 16 Days of Action campaign. As part of this initiative PHE has developed, in conjunction with the Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence (CAADV) a ‘toolkit’ for businesses to help spot employees who may be suffering from domestic abuse in silence. The 16... Read More

Russian lesbian couple tie the knot through a legal loophole

A lesbian couple have managed to circumvent Russia’s anti-gay laws and have married – because one of them is officially still a man. Exploiting the fact that a couple is allowed to marry as long as they are each of the opposite sex on paper, the two women have wed despite one of them being born male. Irina Shumilova and... Read More
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