Fathers’ rights

    Fathers’ rights

    Though children more often go to live with the mother after parents separate, this is in no way an automatic assumption. Where a father has been the primary carer – doing most of the work looking after the children – it is likely that the children will remain living with him.

    Where a child does not live with the father, he will have as much contact with the child as is practicable and suitable for that child. The court will only prevent a father from seeing a child if there are good reasons – for example proven allegations of neglect or abuse.

    If a mother unfairly restricts access to the child, the court can use a variety of mechanisms to punish this, including fines, community service and even prison.

    Fathers for justice

    Fathers for Justice was a family law pressure group which chose to highlight issues for fathers through high profile stunts. Though some more extreme actions and members saw the group become discredited, their protest had a noticeable impact on family law.

    Since the group became active, there has been increased scrutiny and transparency in the family courts, and successive governments have worked to promote greater support for fathers in the family law system