Reputation and Privacy Lawyers for Professionals

At Vardags, our elite Reputation and Privacy team understand that the stakes are high for professionals whove worked hard to build up their reputation. It is a matter of personal credibility and proffessional security. It only takes one instance of incorrect or mischaracterising information to damage your character - which is why you need the best on your side. 

Vardags elite Reputation and Privacy team has unrivaled expertise across all areas of reputation and privacy law. The team is headed by Alex McCready, who has been described as the definitive reputation and privacy lawyer - Alex has an extensive record of acting on behalf of incredibly high-profile and affluent persons, securing the best outcomes for them and their families. Were adept at handling issues of defamation, smear campaigns, protection from in-office disputes, or from digruntled clients. We also offer proactive reputation health checks, identifying any weaknesses or gaps before they become problems, as part of our Reputation Management services.

Vardags expert Reputation and Privacy lawyers can find the best strategic solutions to your specific case and unique circumstances. Vardags serves whigh-profile, wealthy clients who are dependent upon their positive reputation and personal privacy. Whether you are facing defamation in the press, by an individual, harassment, blackmail, mishandling of your private data, pre-publication threats, or you with to gain top legal advice on any Reputation and Privacy matters - contact Vardags and arrange a free consultation today. 

Reputation Management Specialists for Professionals

Vardags is a top Reputation and Privacy law firm, providing specialist legal services to our clients. Vardags leading solicitors possess a wealth of experience defending proffessionals on all legal matters relating to reputation, data privacy and the media. Our expert team, led by the highly regarded Alex McCready, specialises in ensuring the best possible outcomes for professionals across a range of sectors. We navigate the complex landscapes of defamation, data protection, and media law on your behalf, utilizing our extensive experience and legal acumen to deliver the best results for our clients. 

Whether its securing the withdrawal or amendment of articles pre- and post-publication, handling online media issues, or attending Court to secure emergency injunctions, were prepared to act swiftly and decisively. Our proactive approach also includes regular reputation health checks, identifying and addressing potential threats before they can impact your professional standing.

At Vardags, were more than just your lawyers - were your strategic partners in reputation and privacy management. Let us help you safeguard your professional future. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Preserving your reputation, safeguarding your privacy, Vardags’ expert lawyers stand ready to defend your best interests.

Pre-publication Advice

We provide advice to high-profile and high net-worth individuals and companies who find themselves at risk of having their reputations damaged by a threatened publication. We respond quickly and decisively to initial approaches by the media or any individuals who threaten to publish harmful and defamatory information. Our experienced team of media lawyers ensure our client’s reputations and privacy is protected and remains confidential by obtaining injunctions to stop the publication of defamatory material or private information.

We also assist our clients who are approached by the media or journalists to respond to enquiries to minimise or avoid any damage by the intended publication and the need to take further legal action post-publication which can be much more costly and time consuming. The media often provide very short timeframes for pre-publication enquiries. Our lawyers are trained to provide swift, accurate and precise advice and our training in crisis management ensures we are well placed to protect our client’s interests in the case of pre-publication enquiries and the threatened publication of false and defamatory information.


We help our clients when something false or defamatory has been published about them. We act for clients who are defamed in various different ways and on various different platforms, whether that be online on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, written about them in a newspaper or magazine, or said about them on television. We work tirelessly to restore our clients’ reputations to what it was before they were defamed by obtaining an apology and retraction from the publisher, whether it be the media or an individual and obtaining compensation for the damage to our clients’ reputation. We can also engage with relevant regulatory bodies such as IPSO on your behalf if the media do not conduct themselves in accordance with the relevant codes of conduct.

With the increased use and accessibility of social media, we also help our clients have defamatory material posted online on websites such as Facebook and Google removed by either engaging directly with the social media user or by engaging directly with the social media platform. We help clients who have been defamed by an anonymous person online to restore their reputation, by advising them on options available to them to reveal the identity of the anonymous person and take action against them personally.


Harassment is an incredibly serious issue which requires the swift, precise, and firm action. Our dedicated team of Reputation and Privacy lawyers are here to help you fight back. Our media lawyers are experienced in advising our clients in relation to all legal and reputational elements in harassment cases, including by obtaining an injunction against the perpetrator of the harassment.

Often the perpetrators of online harassment are anonymous which makes it difficult to take any action against them. We are experienced in uncovering the identity of anonymous perpetrators of harassment and advise our clients on the best legal options to hold perpetrators of all different forms of harassment accountable and to stop the conduct as soon as possible. Online harassment that is public can be damaging to the reputation of an individual or company so we are trained to move swiftly to ensure that the conduct ceases as soon as possible and to stop any further damage to our clients’ reputation.


Blackmail is an extremely sensitive matter that often requires swift and precise action. Our media lawyers are experienced in advising our clients in relation to all legal and reputational elements in blackmail cases, including obtaining an injunction against the perpetrator. Our experience in dealing with the media on political or commercial matters, as well as our relationship with our family and criminal law departments, ensures we are well equipped to deal with all forms of blackmail.

Data & Privacy

We advise individuals and businesses in relation to issues involving data and data regulation. For instance, we act for businesses when dealing with data to ensure that they are adhering to complex data protection regulations. We also bring claims on behalf of our clients for mishandling of their personal data as well as claims relating to data transfers, and act for clients to rectify their personal data if it is incomplete or inaccurate. We also advise our clients on their right to erasure of personal data also known as, ‘the right to be forgotten’ which allows an individual to have certain data deleted so that third persons can no longer trace them and applies in circumstances where an individual has a right to silence past events in life that are no longer occurring.

We also advise our clients in relation to making complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office if they are experiencing difficulties accessing their personal data or in relation to the way their data has been handled, and defend clients with respect to claims for breaches of UK data protection law.

Media Crisis Management

Our lawyers are specialised in preparing for, identifying and responding to any disruptive or unexpected crises faced by both individuals and corporates. Our relationships with experts in cyber security, investigations, public relations and communications enables us to rapidly and effectively respond to any crisis faced by our clients. Our intelligence and investigation experts are skilled in providing support to our media lawyers and gathering and collating vital evidence in any reputational or privacy crisis.

We are experienced in dealing with and responding to media enquiries and managing adverse media coverage by engaging public relations and communications experts who are skilled in creating and maintaining a positive public image for individuals, groups and businesses.


Having Experience on Both Sides

At Vardags, we are sympathetic to the unique challenges facing our clients when it comes to protecting their reputation and privacy. Our founder and president, Ayesha Vardag, understands this all too well.

Ayesha’s wide recognition as being “Britain’s Top Divorce Lawyer” has led her to become a prominent public figure with all the trials this entails. Being regularly featured in the national press, Ayesha has become well versed in dealing with invasive media and protecting her own reputation from defamatory attacks.

Vardags’ elite reputation and media team have a wealth of experience in protecting our high-profile, high-net-worth clients on a wide range of matters. It is never too early nor too late to get some advice on your case. Arrange a free consultation today.

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Reputation Management & Defamation Lawyers
Alex McCready Vardags Partner Head of Reputation & Privaacy

Alex McCready

Partner - Head of Reputation and Privacy
Spears 500
Alex McCready is a Partner at Vardags. As Head of Reputation & Privacy, she is widely respected for her leading expertise in this area. Regarded as “the...
Gregory Monk Vardags Senior Associate Reputation & Privacy

Gregory Monk

Senior Associate
Gregory is a senior associate and solicitor advocate advising a wide range of clients on all aspects of litigation, private client, reputation and privacy. He has...
Alanah Tannous

Alanah Tannous

Senior Associate*
Alanah is a senior associate in our reputation and privacy department. She has extensive expertise advising on a range of reputational risk matters, including defamation,...
Isabella Theocharous Graduate Trainee Solicitor

Isabella Theocharous

Assistant Solicitor
Isabella joined the Graduate Training Programme at Vardags in 2021. A year later, she began working in the Reputation and Privacy department, where she has gained...
Frank Ryan Vardags Civil Litigation Consultant

Frank Ryan

Civil Litigation Consultant
Toni Hilton, Dean of the Glasgow School for Business and Society
Frank is a civil litigation consultant for Vardags. He is a highly regarded litigation lawyer with four decades of extensive experience and expertise,...


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