Treat your lover to a romantic no-nup

    Catherine Thomas spoke to the Daily Telegraph about the rise of “no-nups” – financial agreements between couples who have no present intention to marry. The agreements, more often called cohabitation agreements, are designed to provide financial certainty between couples.

    Catherine Thomas told the paper “I would recommend anyone thinking about living together to get one. The law of property ownership in this country dates from the 1920s; it was not designed to deal with modern families, and especially not with so many cohabiting couples.”

    Vardags president Ayesha Vardag was also featured in the article, explaining that since the landmark decision in Radmacher v Granatino which made prenups effective in the UK “there has been a growing awareness that merely cohabiting gives you very few rights, and if you don’t have an agreement, you can find yourself out on the street – even after years of sacrifice and contribution.”