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Portuguese-speaking divorce lawyers

A Vardags possui experiência incomparável em litígios de divórcio com incidência transfronteiriça e pode fornecer serviços de tradução em português a indivíduos elegíveis. A Vardags atua regularmente em processos no âmbito de disputas de jurisdição e de bens internacionais.

Iremos ajudá-lo a assegurar que o seu processo obtém resultados na jurisdição mais vantajosa, fornecendo, igualmente, os nossos conhecimentos especializados em matéria de deteção de bens internacionais. Sempre que adequado, também possuímos ligações bem estabelecidas com advogados líderes noutras jurisdições.

If you are in an international relationship, where your divorce proceeds could make a huge difference to the final outcome. London, as the divorce capital of the world, is known for making generous awards to the financially weaker parties, and the court has a wide discretion in what it awards.

The court will look at the needs of the parties and will look to share the assets built up during the course of the marriage. The court also has wide ranging powers to look at assets held through companies and family trusts.

Where you are entitled to divorce rests on a mixture of European and national law, but is generally determined in relation to where each party is habitually resident or domiciled. If the dispute is between two European countries, the person who petitions first may be determinative. It is therefore vital to take legal advice promptly.

If one party wants to move to another country with the children, this can also lead to proceedings as the permission of the other parent, or the court is required. If you are caught in this situation, then you may need to seek legal advice.

Family law issues are often sensitive and can be difficult to address with your lawyer. At Vardags, we understand the need to express yourself freely and that it is often easier to discuss your private matters in your mother tongue. For your comfort, Vardags can arrange for a translator to assist you at your first consultation. Please inform us on your first enquiry if you wish to use this service.


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