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Mandarin-speaking divorce lawyers

Vardags在跨境离婚诉讼方面具备无与伦比的专业知识,同时能够为符合条件的个人提供中文普通话 的翻译服务。 Vardags经常办理涉及司法管辖权纠纷和国际资产的诉讼个案。 我们将帮助您确保您的诉讼是在最有利的管辖区内进行,并提供我们在国际资产追踪方面的专业知识。 在适当的情况下,我们也与其他司法管辖区的顶尖律师拥有良好的合作关系。

If you are in an international relationship, where your divorce proceeds could make a huge difference to the final outcome. London, as the divorce capital of the world, is know for making generous awards to the financially weaker parties, and the court has a wide discretion in what it awards.

The court will look at the needs of the parties and will look to share the assets built up during the course of the marriage. The court also has wide ranging powers to look at assets held through companies and family trusts.

If one party wants to move to another country with the children, this can also lead to proceedings as the permission of the other parent, or the court is required. If you are caught in this situation, then you may need to seek legal advice.

Family law issues are often sensitive and can be difficult to address with your lawyer. At Vardags, we understand the need to express yourself freely and that it is often easier to discuss your private matters in your mother tongue. For your comfort, Vardags can arrange for a translator to assist you at your first consultation. Please inform us on your first enquiry if you wish to use this service.


Allysha Michael

Allysha Michael is a Trainee Solicitor at Vardags. Allysha is Malaysian of mixed Chinese-Indian heritage, and speaks advanced Mandarin as well as Malay, Tamil and conversational Hokkien.

Rica Lee

Rica Lee is a Trainee Solicitor at Vardags, and speaks intermediate Mandarin.


Tom Apthorp is a Trainee Solicitor at Vardags. Tom is half-Singaporean, and speaks intermediate Mandarin. 

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