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Vardagsilla on verratonta erityisosaamista rajojen välisissä avioero-oikeusriidoissa sekä mahdollisuus tarjota suomenkielisiä käännöksiä soveltuville yksilöille. Vardags työskentelee säännöllisesti oikeustapauksissa, joissa on oikeusriitakiistoja sekä kansainvälistä varallisuutta. Autamme sinua takaamaan, että oikeustapauksesi etenee hyödyllisimmän juridiikan piirissä sekä tarjoamme erityisosaamista kansainvälisen varallisuuden jäljittämisessä. Jos tarpeellista, meillä on myös yhteyksiä muun juridiikan johtavien asianajajien kanssa.

If you are in an international relationship, where your divorce proceeds could make a huge difference to the final outcome. London, as the divorce capital of the world, is known for making generous awards to the financially weaker parties, and the court has a wide discretion in what it awards.

The English court will look at the needs of the parties and will look to share the assets built up during the course of the marriage. The court also has wide ranging powers to look at assets held through companies and family trusts. The English court is much more likely to order ongoing maintenance than a Finnish court where spousal maintenance is rare.

Where you are entitled to divorce rests on a mixture of European and national law, but is generally determined in relation to where each party is habitually resident or domiciled. If you are concerned that your partner might start proceedings in Finland, then it is very important to take legal advice to ensure your position is protected.

If one party wants to move to another country with the children, this can also lead to proceedings as the permission of the other parent, or the court is required. If you are caught in this situation, then you may need to seek legal advice.

If you are have been divorced in Finland, but received a minimal financial settlement, it may be possible for you to apply to the English court for additional financial support with a Part III in order to get your fair share.



Sanna Häkkinen

Trainee solicitor Sanna Häkkinen is a native Finnish speaker.

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