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I need help to grant power of attorney

Powers of Attorney are a versatile and common means of delegating authority to a trusted individual in relation to a specific matter. You can put a simple power in place for short periods, but the best way to ensure your affairs are managed is to register a lasting power of attorney form with the Court of Protection.

On 1 October 2007, Lasting Powers of Attorneys (LPAs) replaced Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPAs) as the primary way of appointing a decision-maker to act on behalf of a person in the event of a loss of mental capacity. There are two types of LPA and we can assist you with preparing either or both, depending on your circumstances. Alternatively, if you are an elected attorney, we can also assist you in the administrative process of a LPA.

The two types of LPAs are as follows:

  1. An LPA that grants authority to deal with property and financial affairs

This type of LPA may be sought to allow a chosen attorney to manage investments, or sell property on behalf. The chosen attorney(s) can use the LPA whilst you still have capacity, unless otherwise specified.

  1. An LPA that grants authority to deal with health and welfare

For example, this type of LPA may be sought by a family member who wishes to appoint another family member to make decisions on their behalf should they lack mental capacity at some point in the future, or no longer wish to make decisions themselves. Crucially, this type of LPA can only be used once the person making the LPA has lost capacity.

Vardags are well versed in preparing both types of LPA application and successfully registering them with the Office of the Public Guardian.

The first step is to arrange a meeting with one of our solicitors.

We offer a free consultation to qualifying individuals. Please call our confidential enquiry line on 020 7404 9390 or email us. Lines are staffed 24 hours.

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