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I’m undergoing or have undergone assisted reproduction and I am in dispute with someone

Disputes during assisted reproduction can be emotionally fraught and legally complex, spanning jurisdictions and involving novel points of law. Our expert legal advice will help you to resolve any dispute you find yourself in.

It may be that you have been failed by a clinic or intermediary and want redress, or be in a dispute with a surrogate parent, or having difficulties with your spouse or partner. Each of these scenarios can become a complex dispute and prove difficult to navigate. You are likely to need advice which encompasses both fertility law and more mainstream family law.

As a top family law firm, incorporating world-leading expertise in fertility and family law, Vardags can help steer you through any legal issues arising in assisted reproduction.

We have helped a range of couples and individuals in all manner of circumstances, providing advice and representation throughout their reproductive journey. We are known for our ground-breaking approach to the law, and are not afraid to push the law forward. We will help you in whatever assisted reproduction related dispute you find yourself in, helping you to secure the best future for yourself and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a relationship with a donor becomes strained or falls into dispute, you should take careful consideration and management of the legal and wider issues involved. At this stage, an understanding of donor conception law in the UK and its application internationally, including the legal status of your donor, is particularly important. It is also important to understand and proactively manage the legal issues associated with the care and upbringing of any donor conceived child.

When relationships with family members become strained or fall into dispute it can create complex legal and emotional issues, particularly where children, inter-family donation and financial matters are involved. It is important for you to understand the legal issues so that you can carefully manage relationships and ensure the best outcome for you and the child.

Co-parenting is generally understood as a parenting arrangement in which the parents are not romantically involved. When a relationship with a co-parent becomes strained or falls into dispute it can create complex legal issues under assisted reproduction and family law in the UK. It can trigger a wide range of questions about legal status, identity, and parenthood for a child, acquisition and exercise of parental responsibility, care, upbringing, and financial provision for a child. Relationship difficulties can also highlight differences in outlook and expectations in life, and communication problems.
A tailored co-parenting agreement can help you to identify and manage these complex legal issues and can be of important evidential benefit in the event of any subsequent court proceedings. We can provide you with sensitive and specialist legal advice on co-parenting law in the UK and internationally, and the merits, content, and preparation of a tailored co-parenting agreement.

When surrogacy arrangements fall into dispute it can be immensely distressing. We can secure and protect legal status for a surrogate born child through legal proceedings including assisting you with obtaining court orders such as parental orders, child arrangements orders, wardship, conferral and restriction of parental responsibility, specific issue, prohibited steps, special guardianship, adoption, and financial provision orders.

Vardags can provide you with sensitive, experienced legal advice on managing and resolving legal issues or a dispute with a surrogate, legal parenthood, and acquisition and exercise of parental responsibility for a child conceived through surrogacy.

When a relationship with a parent falls into difficulties or dispute it can create complex legal issues about current and future arrangements for a child, particularly following assisted conception, donor conception, and surrogacy. This can include problems surrounding a child’s legal identity, legal status of the parents and child, acquisition and exercise of parental responsibility for the child, financial provision for the child, and arrangements for the day-to-day care of the child.

We can provide sensitive and specialist legal advice on resolving a family and fertility law issue or dispute with a parent, and arrangements for the care and upbringing of a child including child arrangements order, specific issue order, prohibited steps order, special guardianship, wardship, and adoption.

The decision to embark upon treatment at a fertility clinic is not risk free. Although many experiences lead to positive outcomes, fertility treatment can create complex legal and medical issues, such as: problems with consent forms (incorrectly completed, lost or mislaid) which govern the procurement, storage, and use of eggs, sperm and embryos; loss, destruction, or wrongful use of eggs, sperm, or embryos; problems with fertility treatment, tests, and medication; refusal, restrictions, or delay in providing treatment.

Vardags can provide you with experienced and specialist legal advice on resolving a fertility law dispute with a clinic, expert witness services for fertility, parenting, and surrogacy law following clinical negligence, and fertility treatment law in the UK.

Modern families and those built through assisted conception, donor conception, and surrogacy create complex legal issues under English law. The law is not always a ‘good fit’. It does not always legally protect parents, children, donors and surrogates in their home or destination countries. This can create unforeseen issues and outcomes and generate international conflicts of law, possibly leaving parents and children without legal status and recognition.

Vardags can support you with specialist legal advice on citizenship, nationality, and immigration law in the UK, and legal parental status (legal parenthood and parental responsibility) if questions are raised by a doctor, health visitor, nursery staff, teacher, or border official.

Fertility add-ons are treatments offered by UK fertility clinics claiming to boost the chances of having a successful pregnancy or baby. They are optional extras that are offered on top of normal fertility treatment and usually at an additional cost. Add-ons are highly controversial because, despite being emerging techniques with little or no proven evidence of success, the use of them in clinical practice has increased exponentially. These can range from £50 for a single screening blood test to as much as £8,000 for egg freezing packages.

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