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I’m a surrogate and I want legal advice

If you are acting as a surrogate so someone can have a child, you will want to ensure that you are legally protected. You may be concerned about financial claims being made against you in future, or the impact that acting as a surrogate could have on your own family. You may also be concerned about what happens if things go wrong in the process.

It is important for you to take proper legal advice on the implications of your surrogacy. Failure to do so could have significant implications for you, and for the donee family. It could leave you exposed to legal disputes in the future.

As a top family law firm, incorporating world-leading expertise in fertility and family law, Vardags can help you steer you through any legal issues arising from your surrogacy.

We will work with you to provide bespoke advice which protects your position and allows you to co-operate as fully as possible with the receiving family. We will help you to ensure your surrogacy follows the correct legal requirements and doesnt leave you exposed to future claims. We will also help you if a dispute has arisen, with our world-leading position in fertility law.

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