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I have been discriminated against at work because of my age

If you feel that your age has impacted on unfair treatment at work, you may have a claim for age discrimination. The laws in this area exist to protect employees from ageist attitudes in the workplace.

Discrimination sometimes operates in unexpected ways and you are protected against age discrimination if being either too young or too old in the eyes of your employer results is less favourable treatment.

Direct discrimination takes place if you have been treated less favourably than another person at work because of your age. For example, you are dismissed because your employer only wants to employ a workforce with employees under 50. If your employer has a policy which is discriminatory against you because of your age, such as a policy of retiring employees at 60, this is an example of indirect age discrimination.

It is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible, as the time limit to bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal is broadly 3 months from the date the discrimination happened.

The value of claims for age discrimination may be higher if you are unable to find new employment following a dismissal, for example, because age is a factor.

The experience and expertise of the Vardags employment team can help to ensure you maximise the value for any claims.

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How can Vardags help?

There is no lawful compulsory retirement age under employment law. You are free to continue working over 65 and your employer cannot force you to retire because of your age.

Not being considered for a promotion because of your age is age discrimination. This is a clear example of less favourable treatment because of your age.

Employers must ensure that the selection criteria for making employees redundant are fair and objective and that the selection criteria do not disadvantage a particular group of employees.

It is not lawful to make an employee redundant because of their age, and if you think this could happen or has happened to you, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible so that you can take action to protect yourself.

If ageist comments are being made about you, you may have a claim for harassment which is a type of age discrimination. For example, if a comment is made that you are too old to get to grips with technology at work, this would amount to age discrimination.

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