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A friend or loved one has just been arrested

If a friend or loved one has been arrested, expert legal advice from Vardags can transform their situation. As top criminal lawyers for high net worth and high income individuals, we can help your loved one protect their liberty, their reputation, and their career. We often work closely with our Reputation & Privacy department, our Employment department, and our Family department to provide complete legal support in every aspect of life that might be affected by a criminal investigation.

Our specialist criminal lawyers are available to advise and represent our clients—often entrepreneurs, professionals, sports stars, and celebrities—around the clock. We understand the impact on the individual arrested, as well as those close to them, that a criminal accusation can have, whether it be fraud, sexual or drug crimes, or anything else.

Good legal representation can prevent your loved one from being charged, whilst having the very best criminal defence lawyer will be vital if their matter proceeds to trial.

Our team will help your friend or loved one to minimise the impact of their arrest on their life and career, and on those closest to them.


Frequently Asked Questions

The circumstances in which a police officer may make a lawful arrest are clearly defined in statute, and in all such circumstances the power to arrest only becomes exercisable where the arresting officer has reasonable grounds for believing the arrest is necessary.

The custody officer must make available any documents or material necessary to challenge the lawfulness of a person’s arrest and detention. At Vardags we are proactive in ensuring that the decision to arrest and detain is thoroughly scrutinised and robustly challenged where necessary.

When someone is arrested and detained at a police station they each have a designated custody officer whose primary responsibility is the welfare of that person during their time in custody.

The maximum time someone can be held in custody pre-charge is 24 hours. The custody sergeant is responsible for ensuring the detention remains lawful throughout that period. They are also responsible for ensuring any action taken during the detention period is in accordance with legislation and the codes of practice, including any searches conducted by investigating officers, interviews, and other steps considered necessary to further the investigation.

At the outset of a person’s detention the detained person is advised of their rights during detention, which include the right to inform someone of their arrest and their right to free and independent legal advice. A detained person is also entitled to speak with someone for a reasonable period of time over the telephone.

Where a person appears under the age of 18 they will be considered a juvenile. The custody sergeant will ensure that an appropriate adult – usually a parent – is informed of the detention and will ask them to attend the police station and accompany their child during the detention period.

Where the detainee exercises their right to legal advice, they must be permitted to consult with a solicitor as soon as practicable.

OUR Criminal Defence TEAM

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When you contact us a member of our client relations team will take the full details of your situation, assess whether we can assist you, and if so, determine the best team for your case. 

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