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My child has been accused of a sexual offence – what can I do?

If your child is accused of a sexual offence, which has potentially serious consequences, it is crucial that you organise the right representation for you and your family.

Any delay can have lasting consequences – not only as such cases are very fast moving but because of the impact of allegations spreading around the community, whether in schools, friendship groups or colleges. Left unaddressed, these allegations can have a lasting impact on how your child interacts with others, regardless of whether the allegations are proved to be false. It is therefore crucial to secure representation at the earliest stage.

Vardags is a top law firm with a highly respected criminal defence team, led by Robert Conway. His work is supported by our leading Reputation & Privacy team, meaning Vardags can offer a variety of support. Expert advice and representation will ensure the best outcome in your case and can ensure your child is not charged if there is insufficient evidence. It is imperative to get legal advice as soon as you become aware of an issue as delaying can have legal consequences.

Our team is able to support families at every stage of the criminal process – from initial concerns to a request for a police interview. We also provide emergency 24-hour representation at police stations within the M25.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a formal allegation has been made against your child, it is imperative that you seek out legal advice and representation as soon as possible. Sexual offence cases can often rest on one individual’s testimony against another and so having a skilled defence lawyer by your side is invaluable in helping you to navigate this complex process that can be highly emotional.

If you are aware of rumours about the potential conduct of your child, it is never too early to act. Allegations can be made, for a number of reasons, long after the event and so it is always advisable to seek representation as soon as you become aware of any potential misconduct, even if it has not yet progressed to a formal allegation. In this way, you can be supported to gather evidence and be prepared for any future allegations should they arise.

Receiving a request for your child to attend a police interview can be highly distressing. In such a scenario, it is crucial that you seek out the best legal representation immediately. Police interviews are a key part of any investigation and must be treated accordingly.Having a specialist criminal lawyer represent your child from the start of proceedings will allow them to assess the facts of the case and determine the likely outcomes so that they can give advice in relation to all eventualities. It is always advisable that anyone being interviewed by the police to be accompanied by legal representation who can give them expert advice and guide them on each stage of the process. This is particularly the case with children, who are more likely to be overwhelmed by the process.

OUR Criminal Defence TEAM

Alex McCready

Partner - Head of Reputation and Privacy Alex McCready
“Alex is the definitive reputation and privacy lawyer.” 
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Robert Conway

Partner - Head of Criminal Defence Robert Conway
“Robert Conway is an absolute superstar. He leads the team with authority and with clear direction. His clients love him and rightly so.” 
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Rebecca Hughes

Associate Rebecca Hughes
“The advice and level of service it offers is unparalleled” 
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Is Vardags Right For You?

We offer a free consultation to qualifying individuals. Please call our confidential enquiry line on 020 7404 9390. Lines are staffed 24 hours.

When you contact us a member of our client relations team will take the full details of your situation, assess whether we can assist you, and if so, determine the best team for your case. 

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