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I’m getting married and my fiancé(e) wants me to sign a prenuptial agreement

Since Vardags won the landmark Supreme Court case, Radmacher v Granatino, prenuptial agreements have had a new and important status in matrimonial law. It is likely you will be bound by it if you ever come to divorce.

Given the impact a prenup could have on the rest of your life, it is essential that you satisfy yourself that it is fair. From our experience negotiating high value prenuptial agreements, Vardags can help you negotiate with your fiancée. We will ensure that they produce full disclosure of their assets and do not unfairly pressure you into an agreement.

In drafting the agreement, we will ensure that the document is binding, but also that there are no hidden terms which affect your entitlement. Negotiating a prenup can be a difficult and sensitive time, but we will help steer you through this.

Our legal expertise will help you know for certain that any agreement you enter into as fair as it can be, giving you peace of mind as you start your married life.

We offer a free consultation to qualifying individuals. Please call our confidential enquiry line on 020 7404 9390 or email us. Lines are staffed 24 hours.

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