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Victory at the EEC Hunter Trials for Ahmad Mansour

12th March 2018
Victory at the EEC Hunter Trials for Ahmad Mansour

On Friday 9 March, there was yet another win for Vardags Equestrian in Dubai. Our rider Ahmad Mansour competed at the One Day Event and Hunter Trial Cross Country, taking place at the prestigious Emirates Equestrian Centre, the only fully approved British Horse Society in the Middle East. Hunter trials are a cross country only event where riders are marked at each fence and are timed to see who can complete the course the fastest or closest to optimal time.

After principally show-jumping on Ficanka de Vardag and Estoril de Vardag this season, this time Ahmad stepped out on the beautiful Fuego Blanco de Vardag. Although not his most seasoned horse, Fuego Blanco and Ahmad worked excellently together and won the 60-80 Hunter Trials. As Ayesha Vardag herself commented:

Basically, it seems that Ahmad can win anything on any horse.
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