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Vardags-sponsored polo team celebrates its first outing

Vardags-sponsored polo team celebrates its first outing

Vardags is sponsoring its first polo team, aiming to give women’s polo a bit of a boost. It had its first outing on Sunday 9 August – in Vardags branded kit – at the Berkshire Festival, The team played exceptionally and won 9-5.5.

e56g9333-300x196The new Handicap list marks the start of a new system whereby female players can

retain their current handicap but also hold a specific women’s handicap for use when playing in women’s only tournaments. This gives them much greater standing and flexibility in how they pursue their polo careers. It also brings England in line with America, France and Argentina. Read Sarah Wiseman on the issues facing women’s polo in an article she wrote for The Telegraph. It came just after the Hurlingham Polo Association announced the UK Ladies Handicap list earlier this year.

Vardags poloThe next game will be on Wednesday 12 August at 4.15pm. The ladies will also be playing at the Royal Berkshire Polo Club’s Polo Festival on Sunday 16 August. The team is as follows: No. 1 Georgie French, No. 2 Alice Gipps, No. 3 Lottie Lamacraft, No. 4 Sarah Wiseman. Many thanks to Bruno Florio Parodi for the team pictures (and to Jane Ingleby for the action shot of Sarah Wiseman).


Tickets for the festival can be bought online at the Royal County Berkshire Polo Club website.

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