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Vardags solicitors enjoy publishing success

28th April 2014

Vardags is enjoying something of a publication whirlwind. Several members of the Vardags legal team have produced top quality articles, which have been accepted for publishing by the industry press, meaning that there are to be multiple recipients of Vardags prestigious publishing prize.

Charlotte Sanders has published two articles in Family Law. Her first piece deals with the details of the judgment in Mittal v. Mittal, a case that has tested the waters in terms of jurisdiction conflicts and the application of the principles of the Brussels II Regulations.

Her second is an examination of the outcome from the Supreme Court case LC (Children) UKSC 1, which deals with the extent to which a child should have a say in his or her habitual residence. Charlotte has also been offered a recurring role with Family Law as a legal columnist.

Assistant solicitor Sarah Foreman has also had multiple successes in legal publishing over the course of her Vardags career. Her latest piece is a careful analysis of BN v. MA EWHC 4250 (Fam), a case in which a wife attempted to challenge a prenuptial agreement. This is a subject especially close to Vardags heart, being the firm that won the case of Radmacher in 2010 to make prenuptial agreements enforceable in England and Wales. Sarah has previously published on the cases of Hamilton v. Hamilton and Evans v. Evans.

New assistant solicitor Alexandra Bevir has written an evaluative piece on the Cohabitation Rights Bill, which received its first hearing in the House of Lords in October 2013. In her article, Alexandra discusses the definitions of cohabitation along with the key points of the bill, current case law and the potential consequences for cohabiting couples and parents should the proposals become law.

Finally, paralegal John Oxley has published an article in which he examines the pros and cons of the so-called Millionaires defence in the light of two recent cases where it has been invoked to differing judicial effects. This publication wins John his first Vardags prize for legal publishing; Alexandras prize is also her first.

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