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Vardags launches its own legal publishing prize

Vardags is recognising professional excellence in legal scholarship by rewarding lawyers in the firm who have articles published in acclaimed journals.

Always keen to encourage and repay the abilities of staff, Senior Management have stipulated that any solicitor who has a piece produced – either in print or online – in an esteemed family law publication will receive a cash prize of around £300.

The reward is not only for staying abreast of the recent cases that are transforming the family law landscape, but also for undertaking the extra work necessary to produce an article worthy of publication.

The value of being up-to-date with case law cannot be overstated: the capacity of our solicitors to think creatively and to formulate solutions to our client’s problems relies greatly on being fully aware of preceding cases.

That our lawyers are of the intellectual calibre to have their work published is a merit to the firm and a huge advantage for our clients.

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