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TomKat Divorce: Ayesha Vardag talks to the Daily Telegraph

By John Oxley -

A Daily Telegraph article noting the straightforward and amicable divorce between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise (collectively known as TomKat) sought Ayesha Vardags’ comments. The article explained that the celebrity couple had been able to resolve their case through a 6 hour meeting with lawyers in New York.

Ayesha told the paper that cases resolve quickly for a variety of reasons. “Sometimes you get parties who can’t take the stress and they settle on something because they can’t bear it any more,” she said. “It could also be that there is something that one party does not want aired in a public forum. This is particularly an issue in celebrity cases.” She went on to say that it may never be known just why they settled so quickly.

She commended the teams involved, however, saying that the case could mark a gold standard for divorces. Ayesha told the paper “They obviously have sensible lawyers on both sides. Keeping things low profile and managing to come out with your heads held high, even if it means a few less million here or there, is worth it in the long run.”

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John Oxley

John first joined Vardags in 2013 and spent a year with the firm as a paralegal to Ayesha Vardag before undertaking pupillage with leading matrimonial set QE...