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Storm in a Prenup: Ayesha Discusses her Agreement

By John Oxley -

Storm in a Prenup: Ayesha Discusses her Agreement

Ayesha Vardag spoke to the Law Society Gazette about her prenup agreement, and the foundation it can lay for a happy relationship. Ayesha, who made prenups legal in England with her victory in the 2010 case of Radmacher v Granatino, has been a firm advocate of the autonomy which comes from them.

She told the Gazette ‘You hope you’ll never fall out, but we see clients in terrible revenge dramas posting embarrassing items on social media. It’s better to set out your ground rules about all that when you’re feeling good about each other, so you don’t get into a mess if the relationship goes south.’

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John Oxley

John first joined Vardags in 2013 and spent a year with the firm as a paralegal to Ayesha Vardag before undertaking pupillage with leading matrimonial set QE...